11 August 2015

As women, having beautiful hair is a must! We all have our different ways to handle it when it comes down to wash, cut, color, brush, style.... At the end of the day, we all have to do it! But are we doing it well?
As we are not experts on hair, we cannot be blame for not using the right tools, or amount of shampoos to use or how many times a week to apply a mask...

To answer some of your questions, here are some tools to help your hair be healthy again - 

Damage Level - BAD 
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We all know how bad the sun's UV affects our skin, especially in big quantity and without protection. Well, it's the same for our hair!
The sun oxidises hair, it makes it break, burn and split our ends. The best way of handling the UV's strength is to apply a complete protection on your entire hairs, which will hydrate, protect and perfectly satisfying the needs of all types of hair. On top of this and for a better protection, a very fashionable trend would be wearing a hat! 

Damage Level -
Now summer is here and we love spending time in the ocean or in the pool! Unfortunately the salty water is terrible for your hair. The crystal of the salt break the protein bonds' of the hair! blue girl hair shadow summer water Favim.com 39396Make sure to soak and rinse your hair with tap water, you can also add a hydrating mask before going to the beach or in the pool. Your hair being saturated already, it's difficult to absorb salt or chlorine on top of it. Make sure to rinse your hair with tap water every time your get out of the water to remove as much as you can salt or chlorine. 

Damage Level -
Everyday, we use products in our hair, but did you know that some of them have consequences? Especially gel, product designed to give more volume and spay are alcohol-based stylers, which dry out your hair and eventually will break the hair.
moroccanoil oil fine hair
Take a look in the ingredients, and if you really cannot live without your favorite brands, apply a moisturizer to hydrate or hair oil (I personally use Maroccan Oil for fine hair) before styling with gel or spray.

Damage Level - EXTREME
We are all a big fan of blow-dryers and we have lots a great reasons! I personally use it every time I wash my hair. Unfortunately, there are ways of handling it to avoid burning, killing and extremely damaging your hair.... The combination of strong heat with wet hair, add the friction of the brush by pulling your hair, it can become a war zone!
c26 B0050QLDGY 1 lTo avoid this ugliness, apply a thermal protector on your hair before starting blow-drying.  Set the blow-dryer at temperature low to meduim and hold it at about 15 cm away form your hair. It is recommended before drying to wait until 80% of your hair are dry.

Damage Level - SEVERE
Blow-dryers are inoffensive when we know how to handle them, flat irons are just the worst you can use on your hair! The super hot temperature can destroy the protein of the hair! It can get even worse if moisture are in the hair. It's like frying our hair into a pan full of oil!!

s l1000Before buying an flat iron, make sure to do 2 things: buy an iron with ceramic plates, as they tend to disperse heat more evenly and that your hair are 100% dry. 



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