4 August 2015

This week end was amazing! First time backstage where all the actions take place! You live the moment with the models going from their hair-dressers to their make-up artists. Feeling the artists painting those beautiful people, each details is precisely designed and decorated from their eyes to their lips, from one cheek-bone to the other side, each details is perfection. Models are becoming, in a slow motion, artistically beautiful. Wearing the trendy and unique collection from designers, whom are making sure the pictures they have in mind is on point!

Everyone is in queue ready to share it to the world, the newest collection, the newest vibe, the newest trend...

Behind those curtains where the magic happened, we, the public, are waiting patiently on the other side of the runway, almost taking for granted the hard work it was putting in to this brilliant collection, until the first model finally step in the runway and then we are amazed, our eyes can't stop looking and wondering how all this came together...

Well, let me light you up a bit - 
Friday 1st of August at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Cape Town, models are all line up for their make-up, which was taking care by MAC Cosmetics South Africa and their hair by GHD South Africa. 

The room was actually calmer then what i was expecting, very relax and enjoyable. You could here some laughs, discussions, some models on their phone, photographers catching a glitz of models, so did I! Artist sharing their make-up tools between advises to each other. The designer was making sure the clothes where in perfect form and lined-up. Everyone was on point and pretty well organized. I, myself enjoyed quit a lot, I met great people, from the make-up artists to the beautiful models, I also learned from photographers some new tricks, observed how to apply glitter make-up, how to remove fallen eyes-shadows from cheeks without ruining the foundation, and so much more.

It was like the models came out from Vogue magazine!

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  • Gerda 06/08/2015 10:09am (4 years ago)

    So so awesome to be able to be backstage! CRAZY busy! =)

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