Get the perfect look - BROWS

19 August 2015
Get the perfect look - BROWS

For the last few years, eye-brows have kept our attention occupied on red carpets and runways and we have enjoyed every single look - thin, thick, wild, gentle, short, long, standing up even in battle!

Depending on how yours are designed, here are some tips to make them stand out even more:

1/ Tweezer: It's easy and quick, can be done anywhere and takes only few second. Make sure you don't take to much out, it can hurt your look!
landscape 1426807639 ghk woman tweezing eyebrows 0n8vkm xln

2/ Thread: You can control the shape which make them look more defined and natural.

3/ Waxing: It is the most popular way to shape brows, unfortunately it is the  most damaging method to use which can lead to ingrown hair. The good part is, it's the longest regrowth period of all, and really good for thick, dark or coarse eyebrows.
eyebrow waxing sq

1/ Brow Pencil: The pencil is the most common use to fill up and design eyebrows. Choose a lighter pencil then your natural hair. Follow the shape of your brow on the bottom and on the top by drawing a fine line and cover it in the same direction then your hair brows. 

Eyebrow 02

BE2136 eyebrow pencil group

2/ Brow Powder: That's my favorite! I use eyes shadow, but you can use powder. With the help of a small brush apply the powder on the brows following their shapes. Make sure to not use to much. If you prefer your eye brows a bit darker, wet the brush with some water before picking up the powder and apply on your brow.
mary kay eyeliner eyebrow brush z1

Sigma Individual 5986

3/ Brow Gel or Wax: I also use the gel on my brows, once in a while especially before an event. It helps shaping and keep brows in place. Apply the gel by brushing the hair from bottom to the top and then apply your pencil or powder to fill up your brows. You can use also a colorful gel that lightly fill up the brow.
24151 Gel para Sobrancelhas Perfeitas Giordani Gold Oriflame facil aplicacao

brow gel

1/Dark Hair: Choose a color that is 2 shades lighter then your hair color. 

2/Light Hair: Choose a color that is 2 shades darker then your hair color.
eyebrow pencil 

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